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Ministries Job description

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Ministries Job description

Click on any of the titles below to go to a website where you can download a PDF file with the description of that particular ministry.  If you think you are interested in being considered  for a particular ministry or position in the church, please let the pastoral staff know.

Each member of Christ's church is a minister chosen to spread the gospel,

as the Holy Spirit has appointed special gifts/skills to each.


Adult Sabbath School Teacher

Adventurer Director

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Children’s Sabbath School Coord.

Children’s Sabbath School Teacher

Church Board Member

Church Clerk Ministry

Community Service Director

Community Service Volunteer

Deacon & Deaconess Ministry

Elder Responsibilities

Family Ministries Coordinator

Greeter Ministry

Health Ministries Leader

Home and School Assn.

Hospitality Ministry

Interest Coordinator

Men’s Ministry Director

Music Ministry

Pathfinder Club Director

Personal Ministries Leader

Religious Liberty Leader

Sabbath School Secretary

Social Committee Ministry

Treasurer Ministry

VBS Director

Visitation Team

Women’s Ministry Leader

Young Adult Coordinator

Young Adult Sabbath School Asst.

Youth Sabbath School Asst.