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Adult Sabbath School


Sabbath school classes are the heartbeat of our church community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. 

We offer several adult classes from which to choose.  So, come and find one that you can contribute to and receive a blessing.

    Reinvent Your Sabbath School (Book)

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries -

The Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department provides Sabbath School Bible Study Guides, designs material for Sabbath School programming, offers training and resources to teachers and members and more.

Sabbath School Network -

Sabbath School lessons online in a variety of foreign languages for all ages.

Sabbath School Class Notes -

Two teachers of a Sabbath school class at the Sligo Seventh-day Adventist Church in Takoma Park, Maryland, have produced teaching notes for bloggers.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministry, SPD -

South Pacific Division's site for Adult Sabbath School and Personal ministries.

Adult Sabbath School Blogspot -

Discussion site for the Adult Sabbath School lesson. Pastor Greg Brothers is currently the pastor of the Lincoln City, OR Seventh-day Adventist Church.

LEAD - Sabbath School -

LEAD is the 32-page, monthly magazine for Sabbath school leaders in the adult division of local churches. -

These Sabbath School lesson outlines aid Sabbath School teachers & members in their weekly study & preparation for Sabbath School classes.

Sabbath School Teacher -

This site is dedicated to the concept that the Sabbath School Bible study class is to be a creative, dynamic, transformational atmosphere, in which the teacher plans and provides opportunity for all to benefit from direct engagement with Scripture.

Sabbath School University -

Sabbath School University is a weekly half-hour satellite broadcast with television clips on the Adventist Television Network (ATN) previewing a discussion of an upcoming lesson in the Adult Bible Study Guide.

Sabbath School Coaching -

Sabbath School Teacher Training. Teacher Training Materials. Author of the teacher training guide and CD entitled "HIT the Mark"

Romanian Sabbath School Online -

Romanian Sabbath School online, text, audio and video materials.

Ministry-Driven Sabbath School -

Ministry-driven Sabbath Schools are communities of faith serving people in the spirit of Christ, which values all people equally. Christ has called us to minister to others, especially those who are most vulnerable in our world.

Sabbath School and Personal Ministries -

The official Bible study and personal ministries site of the Adventist church.

GraceLink -

Sabbath school curriculum resources, puzzles, music, PowerPoint presentations, materials list, discussion and more.

Come and Reason -

"Come and Reason" with Tim Jennings, MD and the Sabbath School Class from Collegedale, Tennessee. The class follows the study guide and is recorded two weeks in advance in MP3 format. Stream, download, convert to CD, and take it with you.

Adult Ministries (NAD) -

Ministry emphasis include: Adult Sabbath school, Bible evangelism, leadership development, literature distribution, media ministry, mission strategic planning, multiplying cell ministries, prison ministry; personal ministries, and small groups.